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We-N2N Ingredients are Spice Consultants; we act as a Facilitator between Customers and Suppliers. Based in Cochin, we have close relationship with all spice processors not only in India but also in other parts of the world such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Combodia, Sri Lanka, etc. A lot of spice buyers around the world such as yourselves find value in involving us in their spice purchases. We are a team of 4 spice experts who guide and support our clients in buying spices in the most efficient way. We provide very neutral review of the market movements, identify suitable suppliers for our customer and also negotiate good prices with suppliers. Also while negotiating; we have a deeper understanding of the crop situation, raw material price forecasts, operational costs, shortages, etc. This helps us negotiate more realistically with suppliers on your behalf. With your efforts you may be in touch with some good suppliers of spices, but you may have easily missed some other supplier who is even better. An added service is that we are local here and are able to visit/inspect/audit suppliers on your behalf on short notice. It is practically impossible for you to come to India frequently to assess your suppliers. You can rest assured that your interests are taken care of and protected by your team back here. After all, trust and confidence is the most important part of any business relationship. N2N Ingredients are spice consultants for large firms worldwide. We represent companies as their sourcing partners and negotiate on their behalf with multiple suppliers for best quality at most competitive prices. Our supplier networks extend worldwide and for all food ingredients. Attached is our company profile for your kind reference and perusal. At N2N we assist overseas companies to buy spices/oleos and other food ingredients efficiently by providing them frequent market updates and taking care of the supply chain. Our clients have found this valuable with our extensive experience in the spice industry and also being located at heart of the spice belt. For Customers sitting halfway around the world, this is a big relief. We help in sourcing all varieties of Spices both in whole and Ground form. We also procure wide range of Organic spices, Essential Oils, Oleoresins Spice extracts, Natural Colours and Flavours. Through our large network of field level suppliers in India and other producing countries such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, USA, China, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc, depending on customer Origin and price requirements. We have access to a wide range of food ingredients. We can support you well on: > Entire Spice range > Whole & Ground > Private Label Sourcing & Packing > Seasonings, Blends & Curry Powders > Spice extracts - Oleoresins & Essential Oil > Herbs > Dried Fruits > Essential oils & Absolutes > Natural Colours > Vanilla Pods & Coffee Beans > Flavours & Antioxidants > Nutraceutical Ingredients > Dried onion flakes and powder > Desiccated Coconut > Garlic granules and powder > Dehydrated Vegetables > Desiccated Coconut > Dates & Dried Fruits > Sesame seeds > Nuts, Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts > Equipments like Sterilizers, Dryers and Oleoresin Extractor for Processing Herbs, Spices and Paprika, Dehydrated Products, Powdered or Whole > Garcinia Cambogia We will be able to offer you spices of consistent quality throughout the year. ? Supplied from processing units that are BRC/HACCP certified. ? Plants that are supplying to US/Canada regularly ? Have FDA number for exports into US. ? Homogenous and consistent Quality consistency ensured throughout the year through: ? Selective blending of varieties that are available around the year. ? monitoring quality parameters such as Capsaicin, Curcumin, VO, Piperine, ASTA Colour unit, ? The above parameters when maintained at recommended levels will ensure homogenous and consistent product quality throughout the year. Assuring you of competitive pricing, our best attention, service levels and full commitment to you at all time. Please give us an opportunity to exhibit our credentials and service your requirements. If you wish to speak to us on above Offers, Please contact us through email or through phone, definitely we will get in touch with you. Look forward to hearing from you on your thoughts of utilizing our services.
Business Type : Importer
Brands :VKL Group
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