New food import pipeline will make groceries more affordable and fresh in Dubai

To expedite and simplify the delivery of food to markets, Dubai is establishing a new green channel for food imports. Additionally, the city's grocery prices may decrease as a result of the new channel.

Dubai Municipality (DM), which examines future prospects in food safety and security, made the statement at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC).
Utilizing cutting-edge technology and data analytics, the Green Channel effort will speed up the inspection and release of imported food without sacrificing food safety. Experts predict that this will result in lower overall operating expenses, cheaper food goods, and fresher produce for customers.
Additionally, inspectors can remotely check food using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which will speed up the inspection process.
Those who follow regulations pertaining to food safety will find it simpler to enter the market with their imports thanks to the green channel.
According to Dawood Abdul Rahman Al-Hajiri, Director General of DM, "it is a route we have developed between us and companies that import food to bring eatables into the country conveniently and swiftly."
He asserts that businesses who follow stringent regulations and import goods from low-risk nations will have no trouble selling their goods. Importers of food will be more driven to maintain food safety as a result.
Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, minister of climate change and the environment, officially opened the DIFSC. She emphasised the value of diversifying import sources in her opening remarks.
The DIFSC, which is returning for the 16th time this year, has been in the forefront of efforts to ensure that customers' access to safe and secure food in Dubai. Dawood Al-Hajiri stated in his speech that the conference will bring together specialists from all around the world. "We have put in place a number of creative programmes to create an environment that is favourable for food safety and security," he said.
Posted On : 02/12/2022