'Food to Go' a new solution in restaurant delivery by Dubai

UAE has disclosed its new plan of introducing its cloud kitchen platform called Food to Go, an innovative key solution for the restaurants in the region with delivery business named “Cloud Brands”.
Food to Go, in the region is amidst the most advanced, hybrid cloud kitchens, presenting top-of-the-line kitchens and now “Virtual Restaurant Brands” also known as “Cloud Brands”, created especially for delivery. These brands help operators of Hotels and restaurants increase their kitchen profits.
Food to Go stated that, 'This new platform give kitchen operators of Hotels and Restaurants with an entire concept of branded virtual restaurant which is assisted by data which is invented entirely for online ordering and delivery which makes use of online ordering management technology and systems. Thus creating an advantageous business opportunity for extra capacity kitchens to convert and become independent.'
Furthermore the business in online food delivery along with a new stable income flow to boost their profits with relatively zero or little investment and no set up fees.
"The Cloud Brands are built over data by determining the most desired cuisines nationwide and constructed brands that customers would love and want. The brands are fully supported by by FTG marketing, call center services and customer happiness". Said experts of Food to Go.
Co- founder and CEO at Food To Go, Wael Khechen, said, "Food To Go intends to provide solutions to the F&B industry, Our Cloud Kitchen Module will help brand sand restaurants to grow by extending to new cities and customer. We also help the existing hotels and restaurants preserve their business by creating extra income by zero investment".
In the current era Dubbed virtual, ghost or kitchens, cloud kitchens are becoming more prominent, showcasing the evolution in the restaurant business model by supporting food outlets to escalate in this digital generationand shift to catered food products production from in-dining.
Posted On : 16/10/2020