Hospitality the Fastest Growing Sector in UAE


The hospitality sector in the UAE has been declared one of the fastest growing industries in the region according to a study by LinkedIn spanning 15 years since 2003.

The new data goes to show that the retail and hospitality sectors are followed by the medical and healthcare sector, food & beverages, followed by civil engineering, construction education management, airlines and aviation and finally information technology. 

The list of fastest growing industries in the UAE differs very significantly to similar lists compiled internationally. The Internet and the gaming sectors currently dominate the fastest growing markets globally.  

The top 10 fastest growing industries around the world were rounded out by outsourcing and offshoring, online media, staffing and recruiting, renewables and environment, E-learning, programme development, health and wellness and event services.

The UAE has witnessed remarkable growth in the industry over the past 15 years and this trend continues to this day. The food industry is expected in terms of growth over the coming years with the medical sector expected to closely follow.



Posted On : 21/5/2018