Dubai Identifies as Leader in Re-Export of Tea Products

Jebel Ali Port, DP World’s flagship global trade enabler managed 158,000 tonnes of tea in 2017, which is equivalent to 50 billion tea bags.

These immense numbers only re-affirm Dubai’s status as the world’s leading trade hub for this particular commodity while Jebel Ali Port is seen as the port that handles maximum volume of the tea product.

Dubai is an undisputed global leader in the tea industry and perfectly complements two other prospering sectors in the region, namely, the food and beverages sector. Dubai provides world-class quality infrastructure and acts a gateway to other international markets. The operations taking place at Jebel Ali Port are of international significance as 86 percent of tea imports and exports pass through this strategic port. A wide range of products pass through the port that serves a market of 2.5 billion people.

Dubai has taken measures to introduce more innovation into the tea supply chain to ensure the sustainable development of the product while meeting both long-term and short-term objectives. There has also been a great emphasis on manufacturing, distribution and consumer activities.

Dubai has a big reputation for being a link for tea manufacturers, importers and consumers from different parts of the world to new opportunities and new markets.   

The Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 also dictates an incentive program to encourage competitiveness in the Food and Beverages sector, including the tea industry. The strategy also aims to make Dubai the hub for all activities relating to the tea industry.

Posted On : 19/5/2018